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Horizon Minds

This song is by I, of Helix and appears on the album Isolations (2012).

Surrounded by chaos, destruction, and fear
"I am the Way"
Beneath the rising tide, I find myself gasping for air
Betrayed by my own beliefs
We are the kings and queens of this home
Connected by the light
Oh, this darkness will take its toll
We'll fight through the night
I know how easy it can be
Mislead to believe in the illusion that this is what we were meant to feel
The old masters, with scarcely an acception, misrepresent the sacred story
There is some glaring inconsistencies in the scene itself
Even with our extended knowledge,
It is only at rare intervals that we get anything like what we assume faithful
Have you found your home yet?
"I will destroy man, whom I have created, from the face of the earth
Both man and beast, for it repenteth Me, that I have made them"
Come one, come all
Try to catch me if you can
Come one, come all
Come on, come all
Fight if you can
Try to catch me if you can
Why even bother when you know the outcome?
"This is for the believers, the ones who trust in Me
Follow every word I say, only then will you be set free"

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