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This song is by Hypocrisy and appears on the album Catch 22 (2002).

Slip and slidin' through the choas/confusion
I don't know when to stop
Get myself wasted, run around like a mad man
The sympatric will never die

[Chorus 1]
I can't control myself
I don't know why
The devils in my head
he's pouring me another round

[Chorus 2]
Hear it's coming
I know I'm over my head
Turning slowly into a deadly game

Show my ass in all the public places
I'm too drunk to care
Puking contest, a touring nightmare
I'll do everything for a laugh

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2 x2]

[Solo stuff]

Reality bombs away
I'm Falling too fast
I need another dream
To wake in whisper

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