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The Final Chapter

This song is by Hypocrisy and appears on the album Final Chapter (1997).

During some abductions
I'm aware of them.
Of they're taking spermsamples
in many different ways.
They've done it in many different ways.
With tubes, with a... like catheters.
There's one way I not been able to deal with.
Emotionaly or under aggression.
And that's when there's a being on top of me...
I can feel it growing stonger.
the hate towards them.
I've got nothing to live for
Only to stay as another victim.
They've been tourturing me my whole life.
I cannot understand. Why!
for how long can I go on
when they have already raped every inch of me
why won't they leave me alone
this is not the life I've chosen.
It's time to put an end to this pain.
I wanna get away from this hell.
Those black empty eyes is haunting me.
hate and sorrow builds up inside
I must take my life to be free.
This will be my final chapter...

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