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This song is by Hypocrisy and appears on the album Final Chapter (1997).

Now meet your maker.

Alone, you won't go!

Unbeknown in my dreams, or was it for real?

There is no use now, to pretend.

Your hundred names, I'll never forget.

I felt a bad dream, you won't.

You can't resist!

Your final relief, is your way.

No need to end this pain.

Bury this world, within your lie!

Slow, endless life.




Not yet.


Release, of my sorrows.

Love, will conquer!

Endless last nights.

And no one cares, when we met.


No one cares...

Now meet your maker.

I'm not afraid.

The day is at dawn.

Don't try to teach me things,

to see how long you can live.

How are we to fight it?

Curse on the weak.

Take all my thoughts.

Will this ever end?

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