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This song is by Hypocrisy and appears on the album The Fourth Dimension (1994).

Since I was a child, I sought my own way
and was guided to this path

I am so sick of hearing you preach about heaven
all this bullshit about paradise.


The christians must be stopped from spreading all the lies,
(The only way to gather them, with a )
With a stab in the back
Have mercy
It's the ending...of your life.

As my mind slips away,
I see no end of this misery
The only truth is myself,
I can't go on this way

Are you trying to get in to the end of the rainbow?
I alone will be there with a stab in the back
Have mercy.
It's the end, of your life.
When their time has arrived.
Have mercy.
It's the ending, of your life.

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