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Wide Angle (1999)Edit

Hybrid - Wide Angle

Wide Angle

  1. Opening Credits
  2. If I Survive
  3. I Know
  4. Beachcoma
  5. Dreaming Your Dreams
  6. Snyper
  7. Theme From Wide Angle
  8. Sinequanon
  9. High Life
  10. Fatal Beating
  11. Finished Symphony
  12. Altitude (Red Square Reprise)

Wider Angle (2000)Edit

Hybrid - Wider Angle

Wider Angle

  • Wider Angle is a repackaging of album Wide Angle, with a bonus CD of mostly live performances entitled Live Angle. The material on this CD is listed below.
  1. Kid 2000 (Live)
  2. Burnin' (Live)
  3. Snyper (Live)
  4. Accelerator (Live)
  5. High Life (Live)
  6. Finished Symphony
  7. Kill City (Bonus track)
  8. Altitude (Bonus track)
  9. Kid 2000 (12" Original Mix)

Remix and Additional Production By... (2001)Edit

Hybrid - Remix And Additional Production By - Remix

Remix And Additional Production By...

  1. Accelerator (Hybrid Remix) by Jaded Little Pill
  2. Café Del Mar (Hybrid's Time Traveller Remix) by Energy 52
  3. Glorious (Hybrid Remix) by Andreas Johnson
  4. Bodyrock (Hybrid's Bodyshock Remix) by Moby
  5. Never Gonna Come Back Down (Hybrid's Breaktek Mix) by BT
  6. Take a Picture (Hybrid Remix) by Filter
  7. Papua New Guinea (Hybrid Remix) by Future Sound Of London
  8. Bad Girl (Hybrid Remix) by DJ Rap
  9. Vernon's Wonderland (Hybrid's Echoplex Mix) by Vernon's Wonderland
  10. Enter The Monk (Hybrid's Echoplex Remix) by Monk & Canatella

Morning Sci-Fi (2003)Edit

Hybrid - Morning Sci-Fi

Morning Sci-Fi

  1. Lights Go Down Knives Come Out (Hidden track)
  2. This Is What It Means
  3. True to Form
  4. Know Your Enemy
  5. Marrakech
  6. I'm Still Awake
  7. Visible Noise
  8. We Are In Control
  9. Higher Than A Skyscraper
  10. Steal You Away
  11. Gravastar
  12. Out of the Dark
  13. Blackout

True to Form (2003)Edit

Hybrid - True to Form

True to Form

  1. True to Form (Radio Edit)
  2. True to Form (Club Edit)
  3. True to Form (Acoustic Version)
  4. True to Form (Full Length)
  5. True to Form (John Creamer & Stephane K Remix)

Hybrid Present Y4K (2004)Edit

Hybrid - Hybrid Present Y4K

Hybrid Present Y4K

  1. The Drop (Man On Fire Edit)
  2. Let It All Out (Tigerstyle) by Forme
  3. The Way (Evil 9 Mix) by Dylan Rhymes
  4. The Knife Drawer (Ryeland Allison Edit) by Hi-Fi Bugs
  5. Found The Gonzo by Easy B.
  6. My Kingdom (Part 4) by Future Sound Of London
  7. In Good We Trust (Soundtrack Edit)
  8. David (Luke Chable Mix) by GusGus
  9. Phoenix (Vigi & Nectarios Mix) by Nectarinos
  10. Why Are All The Pretty Ones Insane? by Lee Burridge & Andy Page
  11. Chemical Beats by The Chemical Brothers
  12. One Perfect Sunrise (Stereo 8 Mix) by Orbital, featuring Lisa Gerrard
  13. Blackout (Hybrid Y4K Edit)

I Choose Noise (2006)Edit

Hybrid - I Choose Noise

I Choose Noise

  1. Everything Is Brand New (Hidden track)
  2. Secret Circles
  3. Dogstar
  4. I Choose Noise
  5. Falling Down
  6. Last Man Standing
  7. Hooligan Spirit
  8. Choke
  9. Keep It In The Family
  10. Until Tomorrow
  11. Dreamstalker
  12. Just For Today

Hybrid Re mixed (2007)Edit

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Hybrid Re mixed

CD 1
  1. Until Tomorrow (Stefan Anion & Starfire's 'Surviving Another Day Mix)
  2. Just For Today (Jerome Sydenham Mix)
  3. I Know (Keenan and Anderson Mix)
  4. Falling Down (Kosheen DJs Mix)
  5. Finished Symphony (Deadmau5 Remix)
  6. If I Survive (Jerome Sydenham Remix)
  7. Keep It In The Family (Tomboys Quirky Piano-Intro Version)
  8. Higher Than A Skyscraper (The Orb 'Towers of Babel' Mix)
  9. Blackout (The Cinematic Orchestra Mix)
CD 2
  1. Finished Symphony (Deadset Play Nifty Mix)
  2. Sleepwalking (Hybrid's Original Mix)
  3. Until Tomorrow (Serge Santiago Mix)
  4. I Choose Noise (Elite Force Remix)
  5. Last Man Standing (Group Therapy Mix)
  6. Higher Than a Skyscraper (Boy 8-Bit Mix)
  7. Theme From Wide Angle (Hybrid's Rolling Thunder Mix)

Disappear Here (2010)Edit

Hybrid - Disappear Here

Disappear Here

  1. Empire
  2. Can You Hear Me
  3. Green Shell Suit
  4. Disappear Here
  5. Every Word
  6. Formula of Fear
  7. City Siren (Reprise)
  8. Salt
  9. Original Sin
  10. Take a Fall
  11. Break My Soul
  12. Numb

Blind Side (2011)Edit

Hybrid - Blind Side

Blind Side

  1. Blind Side
  2. Blind Side (Widescreen Electro Mix)
  3. Blind Side (Hybrid Soundsystem Remix)
  4. Blind Side (Hybrid Soundsystem Dub)
  5. Blind Side (Armchair Mix)
  6. Blind Side (Instrumental)
  7. Blind Side (A Cappella)
  8. Blind Side (Radio Edit)

Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. Million Dollar Race
  2. Grayarea - Gravity (Hybrid's Love From Llanfair~ Remix) (featuring Erik Shephard)
  3. Blackout (Hybrid Y4K Edit)
  4. Hybrid - Burnin' (Hybrid's Burning Breakbeat Mix)
  5. Hybrid - Fall Out of Love (Hybrid's Club Mix) (featuring Andreas Carlson)
  6. Hybrid - Formula of Fear (Hybrid's Echoplex Mix)
  7. Han Drifting
  8. If I Survive (2003 Remix)
  9. Hybrid - If I Survive (Hybrid's Echoplex Remix)
  10. Polaris
  11. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Vs. Hybrid - Summertime (Hybrid Remix)
  12. John Creamer & Stephane K - I Love You (Hybrid's Claustrophobic Remix) (featuring Oliver Twisted)
  13. Moby - Southside (Hybrid Dishing Pump Remix) |(featuring Gwen Stefani)
  14. Planet Funk - Everyday (Hybrid's 1150 Remix) (featuring John Graham)
  15. Uno Clio - Close to the Edge (Hybrid Remix)


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