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This song is by Huun Huur Tu and appears on the album Ancestors Call (2010).

Duzhumetter dushtep ertter
Dungur Dashtyg Daam Dozu
Dushken ulus saadadyyr
Tur chok kystyg Saryglarar
Chorumaldar chortup ertter
Choogalyg Shangyr
Chortkan ulus saadadyyr
Charash kystyg Sarylarlar
Kaigal ulus kaigap ertter
Kaigamchyktyg Khovuzhuktu
Kirgen ulus saadadyyr
Kaigal kystyg Saryglarlar

Officials drive by at dinner time,
by the Tambourine Boulders.
Dismounted people get held up,
because of the beauty of Saryglarlar maidens.
Travelers slow down by the Shangyr place.
They are slowed down
by the beauty of Saryglarlar maidens.
Noble bandits at the amazing Khovuzhuk place.
Those entering the yurt are being slowed down
by the brave maidens of Saryglarar.

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