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True Tears Of Joy

This song is by Hunters & Collectors and appears on the album Cut (1992).

This song has been covered by Mark Seymour under the title "Tears Of Joy".
Come on confess your confusion
Spread it around
They trickle down your cheeks tears fall
Like seed on barren ground
Your thoughts are scattered
Like paper everywhere
Tiny pieces of laughter and despair

But you cry true tears of joy

Passion is your weakness
But you feed it everyday
Like a moth to the naked falme
You just can't keep away
You twist the truth, then you turn the other cheek
Everybody knows its just salvation that you seek

And you cry true tears of joy
oh you cry true tears of joy
oh yeah

It flickers on your face
I can see it in your eyes
I knew you for a moment
So don't be so suprised
Its only pleasure that you can't resist
But say one word of truth

And I'll see you cry true tears of joy
Oh you cry true tears of joy
Yeah you cry true tears of joy
Oh you cry true tears of joy
Oh yeah

Tears of joy

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