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This song is by Hundredth and appears on the album Let Go (2011).

If I had a fist for every time I've been trapped, I'd fight my way out and I'd never look back.
I'm lying down in the darkest places. I'm losing touch. I can't see faces.
I feel like I'm alone, am I alone?

Dreams never come when I feel this way. I am a victim to everything around me.
They present deceit, packaged with lies, and try to unravel my demise.

I have to drive them out of my life. Pull the trigger on oppression. I'm ready to fight.
I'm rising up reminding myself: dark is the absence of light.

If you saw the depths of my soul, the sights they could never escape you.
My broken soul will try and haunt me,
To the day that I die. x2
My broken soul.

Cheatin' on the sun, x5
With the moon.
Cheatin' on the sun, x3
With the moon.
Soul. My broken soul.

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