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I Hold The Key

This song is by Hundredth and appears on the album Let Go (2011).

I'm fed up, I'm fed up with the constant flow. Getting lost in the rhythm.
Cadences of disdain, melodies without satisfaction.
But the only thing, the only thing I have is time.

Risk lays the foundation of my destiny, destiny.
Risk lays the foundation of my destiny.

And if it crumbles, at least I know I tried. I can stand on that. Instead of questioning why...
Instead of questioning why I never chased down the man I want to be.
Buried deep inside of me is the door to what I'm meant to be.
And I,
I hold the key. x4

I met myself in a dream. Innocent, adamant, adolescent me.
Don't turn your back on me. Don't turn your back on me.

This regret won't tear through me (tear through me).
I'd rather fail, I'd rather fail than fail to be, myself.

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