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Broken Blue

This song is by Hundred Waters and appears on the album The Moon Rang Like A Bell (2014).

Catch it when it comes
Put it in your pocket
Nothing till it's gone
Kept but could not lock it

Now all at once it's broken blue

Welcome it when it comes home
Cook it lots of stews
Feed it feasts, red wine, violets, rouge
All the things you used to do
Tell the neighbors you've come home
Really it's true
O the wild parade
That we planned for you
There'll be fireworks and choirs
But you must be tired
You spread the finest bed
Tuck it in say
Tomorrow's gonna be a big day
Then watch it drift away
And all at once it's broken blue

In an empty room

Fate lies dusting off tables
Did you hear that?
Did you hear that?
Someone's singing in the backyard
Just wind blowing through
Just wind blowing through

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