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Hello Mr. my yesterday, I'm late in saying this
"We'll meet again when our dreams are fulfilled"

The many unknown obstacles that lie ahead
The regrets that were left behind
Experiences and value in the midst of our dreams
This path that we're on is the result, but

If God exists, there is only one thing I want to know
"What is the definition of happiness?"
My peers have all found what they wish to protect
I envy them
Yet I have nothing to be proud of
Right now, I don't have a place to return to
I can't find a reason for tomorrow

Hello Mr. my yesterday, using the time machine
I want to tell the 'me' of that day
To you who talk about dreams, "Can you see
What will happen to me tomorrow?"

We all fumble between being a hero and reality
Learning to feel pain in the process
There's no past here, I want to look ahead
Come on, it's up to me

If Edison had lived for another half a century,
Maybe time traveling would be possible now
How long has it been since I lost the balance
Between being hopeful and melancholic
Before I know it, I'm too old to go for class reunions
To tell of my dreams in this uncertain town

Hello Mr. my another way, using the time machine
I want to ask the 'me' of the future
To you who abandoned your dreams, "10 years later
Are you, the person who was once me, still smiling?"

Since the day I've been born, I've been walking on this path
Every single second is a trace of love, the proof that I'm alive

Until the day where, when morning comes
I can proudly say "well done" to myself
I hope that you can hold on to my hands and trust me
So where do we want to go now?

Hello Mr. my yesterday, using the time machine
I want to tell the 'me' of that day
Even if I shout till I lose my voice, I promise with my life that
"When my dreams come true, I'll return to bring you along"

If my wishes really come true,
I'll be waiting at the place lighted up by hope
Until the day we meet