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Silver Tongue

This song is by Humble Pie and appears on the album Town And Country (1969).

You look to me like you know what you see
Every step that you take coming closer
Yes I can see underneath your I.D.
You're a woman, oh you're a woman.

On your hands are the rings that a bond of love brings
And your eyes tell a story of sorrow
Yes I have the love of an elf and a dove
And a woman, and a woman.

Love sings like a nightingale lantern show
I love you
Your light is in me, me.

If you held the key, would you share it with me?
And take me to where you belong?
Like a fly to a light, I'd be there every night
With my woman.

Feel a kiss from your soul here inside of me
I love you
Please say you want me, me
Please say you want me, me
Oh yeah, oh yeah
My woman yeah, oh be my woman.

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