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Rollin' Stone

This song is by Humble Pie and appears on the live album Performance Rockin' The Fillmore (1971).

This song is a cover of "Rollin' Stone" by Muddy Waters.
Yeah I wish I was a-rambling
I'd ramble as far as you could see
I wouldn't have none of you coffee shop women
Messing with me
No way will you get to me
'Cause I'm, I'm a rolling stone
I wanna tell you I'm a, yeah, I'm a rolling, oh.

Still I will, I was a captain
I'd sail on the sea, ah yes
I'll have all you merry seamen
You're all right with me, yeah yeah
All right with me
You know I'm a, you know I'm a, I'm, I'm a rolling stone.

She's my baby, she's your baby, she's my baby
She's so fine
She's my baby, she's your baby, she's my baby
She's so fine
Oh like a stone coming through
I ain't going nowhere, ah yeah.

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