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House Of Cards

This song is by Human Nature and appears on the album Human Nature (2000).

I live in a house of cards
Made of people I know
It shelters me every day
My house is a part of the world
Where live and let love
Is all we have to say
And if you want you can go there
All you have to do is believe and


Open your eyes and you can see them
The little truths are scattered all around
In the middle of the madness
In the place where quiet can be found
If you don't see that or believe that
They disappear without a sound
Cause we all live in a house of cards
Take one away and they all come tumbling down
They all come falling down

I live in a crazy world
Full of crazy things
That I never quite understand
But I know that the people that care for you
Are the measure of any woman or any man
And if you need anything then I'll share
If I need you
Would you be there


Hold on to what is close to you
Cause letting it go
Is like losing a part of your soul
Of your soul so baby

Chorus to fade

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