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The Pod

This song is by Hum and appears on the album You'D Prefer An Astronaut (1995).

The morning scatters in and I am steady like a drug
Feeling out this one
She wakes up smashed as hell and steadies her ass against the rail
And bends before the pounding rain

She had the whitest bright ideas
All along about my love
And I need this fucking fix and I beg her to pick from
One of the billion ways to feel no pain

The morning after bends reflected and I can hardly stand
The way this whole thing makes me seem
She climbs out from her dream with lungs hardly as she screams a stereo scream
And bends before astounding rain

She's got a system made of metal
And magnet bits inside her brain
And she opens her box of tricks and begs me to pick from
One of a billion ways to feel no pain

She had the whitest bright ideas
That all the world would sleep away until the nightmare ends, everyone is on
Wait, wait on the end
Hold me uptight, let me breathe now

And hold me upright, let me breathe now

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