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Afternoon With The Axolotls

This song is by Hum and appears on the album Downward Is Heavenward (1998).

She hits the plate with both hands high
Downward is heavenward and we are not alone
Condensers on and a drop is found
A fingertip trace says to me I can see you when you are wet

A bed of dead leaves grace the ground
A quick glance to the other side and we will not be found
Symbiants in haste command come close
Screams to me I can see you above the rest

And through it all she seems secure
Downward is heavenward and we are not alone
Head thrown back, a sickened sigh
eyes shut, Beelzebub can we do this without a net?

Written by:

Jeffery Dimpsey; Tim Lash; Bryan St. Pere; Matt Talbott

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