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​Anyone In Love

This song is by Hugo and appears on the album Time on Earth (2000).

He don't talk to her anymore,
She gets mad and she closes the door,
They wonder why it feels so wrong.
When it comes down to you and me,
It's everything that I want it to be,
I just need time with a feeling so strong.

How do I say what's on my mind,
Don't wanna be alone'

Anyone in love would know a feelin',
That you can't let show.
There's nothing more I want,
I wanna be together.
But anyone in love can see,
That there's a broken heart in me,
So baby take the time,
And make it last forever.

Maybe I'm wrong to feel this way,
There's so many things that I wanted to say.
Just give me a chance,
I'll give you my world.

How do I say what's on my mind,
Don't wanna let you go, oh no'

I believe in all of these things,
I knew it from the start.
When you open your arms to love,
You open your heart.