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This song is by Huffamoose and appears on the album We've Been Had Again (1997).

I believe
The one and only
love I need
Is right in front of me
I can't seem to find another
I think I found my enigma.
Say again
You always throw me
what I mean
is that I'm a sucker for a question
I like the guess work
bring to me, my enigma
Me thinks summer time
When me looks at you
In your summer dress
and your rockin' do
How very enigmatic you are.
If I could be
The me you wanted me to
be you'd see
I'm only scratching at the surface
I'm so much deeper
understand like you an enigma
You will be my lifeline baby,
You will be my better half,
You will be my soldering iron,
You will be my golden calf,
You will be my tryptophan,
You will be my coffee can,
You will be the recipient of all my love,
Oh, mysteriousa onea,
ask of me, the questiona of the ages,
let us turn some pages,
give to me purity,
of enigma
Chrous 2:
Life me baby up
to the second tier
maybe you're my friend,
if you sit right here
Don't make a sound
if you believe in love
then you believe in fate
How 'bout a second date?
How very enigmatic you are.

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