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​Lose Your Mind

This song is by Huey Dunbar.

Lose your mind

U know I always cook
I always clean,
And when you need me baby
I'm always seen
I give you tender love and care,
Wash all your clothes
That's not so you can lay around these other hoes
I'm tired of your silly games
No matter what the problem is I'm still the blame
Ur running game
Shica is my best friend and I heard you tryin' to holla
At her in the benz (I ain't trying to holla)
And if I did what you doin' to me
Then it's a crime
My friends and family keep telling me that I'm wasting my time
And ev'ry time I ask a question you say I'm way out of line
And if I ever did wat you doing to me... admit boy

You would Lose your mind

Guy part-
Who bought that house, who pay them bills, who put you in da' baby benz,
Look at your wheels, keep'em real,
Who you know in 24s make them count like cherrios
With plenty o's there's plenty ho's wishin at they pleasure
Look at how you livin' mami I'm lacin you now face it boo
The jealous ho's they want your spot
They talking slick we cocking whips fo' chocolate
They hate it 'cause we live it up they envy us
'Cause I keep you in the burberry and the 50 plus
Your the only female on Sprewells
Ice bangles from jacob ma you better wake up
Stop playing'games girl act like you grown
All that whining and star 69ning on my fone
And if I was to leave you alone rite now admit it girl ...

Both: you would lose your mind (x8)

Guy part-
Girl I see you got it bad like usher got it
You in the rush just to 'cause fight
And fus about it I put the b's (??) in your face
And you get the keys to the safe
And I put the rocks in your ears
Lemme freeze in your face I walk through the mall witcha till ya good cocked it (??)
New lockmen's code and shoe shoppin'
What mo' could you ask fo'? I keep you in the airport with your passport
So what you mad fo'? caught me with tricks drinking vodka then i
Came home with lipstick on my boxers (kiss) ...
I'm slippin, fuckin' with them hos at the lows
After I told u I was out of town doin' shows, now you trippin'

If I did what ya doin' to me, then it's be a crime
My friends and family keep tellin' me that I'm wastin my time
And every time I ask you questions, u say I'm way out of line
And if I ever did what ya doin' to me (admit it boy... kiss)
U would lose your mind (5x's)

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