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This song is by Huey Dunbar and appears on the album Yo Si Me Enamore (2001).

If you saw my baby by the flow of candlelight
You would see why I need to he with her every night
Nothing's like the sweetness that I've tasted on her lips
Nothing drives me crazy like the motion of her hips
The way she moves, like fire dancing
I feel her burn we toss and turn
A chiki chiki cha on and on
Ella es candela, she's got me burnin
chiki chiki cha chiki cha cha cha
The rhythm of our bodies oh we just can't stop.
Ella es candela, she gives me fever
And in the morning I don't want to leave her
chiki chiki cha chiki cha cha
The rhythm of our bodies oh we just can't stop
She gives all her passion every time we're alone
And until the light of dawn we make music of our own
All my secret fantasies she already knows
I don't have to say a world that's just how she flows.

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