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She Makes A Sound

This song is by Hue and Cry and appears on the album Stars Crash Down (1991).

Eternal afternoons - lying there and listening
We're making plans for someone else to come
So how much freedom we got left?
Just enough to grab a coffee in the square

Suddenly bells go clang - sweat scared in a taxi cab
Then the quiet words are not enough
And I am waiting for some sign
For the man I am will change before it's light
There's gonna be miracles tonight

She makes a sound like I've never heard
Every move you make you've never made
But only if I hold you tight
Will you understand the chaos has an end

Stumbling through that door - somebody ripped up the rules
All the paper cups and paperbacks
They bow their heads and hear that sound
And they know they got a new place right in this life
Never thought it would be so right

She makes a sound like I've never heard
It's a cry that says "hey now now you better watch out world"
She makes a sound and I'm bright and clear
Hold away that pain - kiss away that fear

Now is the best of times - little dictionary girl
Every moment like a harvesting
But autumn just can't seem to end
And the universe contracts into her smile
And she will sing to me a while...

She makes a sound like I've never heard
It's a cry that says
"You better watch out world!"

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