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​Headin' For A Fall

This song is by Hue And Cry and appears on the album Open Soul (2008).

White lies
Comin' out of every mouth around me
Baby I
Simply don't know who to believe
Blue skies pixellated
On a screen above my head
And I
Wish that it only was a dream
I'm reeling from the Real
Because it hits me like I've run into a wall
Better get me some momentum
Because otherwise I'm heading for a fall

Brother, sister listen
This ain't no time for wishin'
We got a world ambition
Heading for it, heading for it
Brother, sister waken
History won't stand no fakin'
This world it needs some shakin'
Headin' for it, headin' for a fall

Big-time politician
Standing on that favourite stage tonight
Wonder how else they get their kix
That's apple pie and motherhood
And wireless in the neighbourhood
Oh my
We need a brand new bag of tricks
Instinctively I feel that it's important to be stylishly appalled
Though lately I do recognise it's likely that we're heading for a fall