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Tribute To Bobby (2008)Edit

Mick Hucknall - Tribute To Bobby
Tribute To Bobby
  1. Father Up the Road
  2. Ain't That Lovin' You
  3. I'm Too Far Gone (To Turn Around)
  4. Poverty
  5. Yolanda
  6. Stormy Monday Blues
  7. I Wouldn't Treat a Dog (The Way You Treated Me)
  8. I'll Take Care of You
  9. Chains of Love
  10. I Pity the Fool
  11. Cry, Cry, Cry
  12. Lead Me On

American Soul (2012)Edit

Mick Hucknall - American Soul
American Soul
  1. That's How Strong My Love Is
  2. Turn Back the Hands of Time
  3. I'd Rather Go Blind
  4. Lonely Avenue
  5. I Only Have Eyes for You
  6. Tell It Like It Is
  7. Baby What You Want Me to Do
  8. The Girl That Radiates That Charm
  9. Let Me Down Easy
  10. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
  11. It's Impossible
  12. Hope There's Someone

Other SongsEdit

  1. Happy This Christmas
  2. I Love You
  3. One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later)

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