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Forever and Ever (1988)Edit

Howard Hewett - Forever and Ever
Forever and Ever
  1. Strange Relationship
  2. Natural Love
  3. Once, Twice, Three Times
  4. You'll Find Another Man
  5. Forever and Ever
  6. Shakin' My Emotion
  7. Share a Love
  8. This Time
  9. Challenge
  10. Good-Bye Good Friend
  11. Ain't No Mountain High Enough (with Stacy Lattisaw)
  12. Say Amen

The Very Best of Howard Hewett (2001)Edit

Howard Hewett - The Very Best of Howard Hewett
The Very Best of Howard Hewett
  1. This Is for the Lover in You (with Shalamar)
  2. Somewhere There's a Love (with Shalamar)
  3. I'm for Real
  4. Stay
  5. Say Amen
  6. I Commit to Love
  7. I Got 2 Go
  8. Once, Twice, Three Times
  9. Strange Relationship
  10. Heaven Sent You (with Stanley Clarke)
  11. Show Me
  12. If I Could Only Have That Day Back
  13. When Will It Be
  14. I Can't Tell You Why
  15. Just Like a Woman
  16. Can We Try Again

Songs Featuring Howard HewettEdit

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