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Ride Pony Ride

This song is by Howard Herrick and features Replacer.

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Wishing for something to wake my soul
And excite my senses
Beautiful pictures fill up my brain and explode
Squirrels run tiptoe atop these old
White picket fences
Amid the croaking of self-satisfied toads

Ride pony ride
Ride pony ride

The world is a canvas
Your mind is a painter
Imagination will colour the spaces between
Whatever it needs to be
It's up to you, you see
Show off your masterpiece in places unseen

Fishermen fish on long, lonely piers
In burning sunlight
Angling for something that they know they'll never catch
Poor dog lies on the path close to tears
His eyes shine so bright
No one is there to come undo the big latch

Ride pony ride
Ride pony ride

Mossy old trees with
Arms and with faces
Vines growing up from
The palms of my hands
And seagulls in wind gusts fly
And glorious days go by
The world turns fast enough to change all my plans

Time to go home, and sit by a fire
Leave all the worries of tomorrow behind
Tuck her to sleep by the rusty fence wire
I smile and hope that tomorrow won't mind

Ride pony ride
Ride pony ride

Ride pony ride
Ride pony ride...

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