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Lynch The Cancer

This song is by Houwitser and appears on the album Bestial Atrocity (2010).

Cowardly filth, it's inhuman miscreant
Disgraceful beast, unworthy to live
Lies to deny, as they victimize the weak
It's cancer that burns, diseasing it seeks
Tearing lives apart

Protected in our prisons
Separated cells, a governmental hotel
Weak laws, soft convictions, reintegration
The judge speaks free as the priest will forgive

They live hidden amongst the blind
Striking each day out of sight
Disturbed, insane, polluting
Child rapists, the most common of it's kind
The judge and the priest are awake at night

In rage we despise, we're cleansing with violence
In fury we trace and capture the beast
It's manhunt we want, no law will protect them
It's justice that calls and pain that exceeds

Wooden stake up your ass
Impaled, but alive...
Gallons chemicals burning skin
Exposed to the world

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