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Flayed, Beheaded And Quartered

This song is by Houwitser and appears on the album Bestial Atrocity (2010).

Ripping the skin off their bodies
Yes, I'm flaying them alive
I see the naked flesh as I strip them clean
This is the day they'll demise

Short blades to fill my victims - the blood drains on the floor
Preparing for beheading - inhuman butchery
I chop their skinless heads off - each limb bound to a horse
Final humiliation - now it's your time to go

Now I'm hanging the bodies - I separate the torsos from the limbs
The hides I use as flags - a warning for the next
They better fear what's to come

Bloodshed to claim all that is mine

It's natural selection
Kill to cleanse all that is weak - making it a better place
Cutting out the rotten flesh - this world makes me insane
Do not obey the fools - it is my time to rule

No more ignorance
Like sheep they're dumb and follow - ass-licking they agree
They'll swallow till the last drop - call it dignity
No one will be forgotten - I'll slay them all, I swear!

They will all die as I flay them
And chop their fucking heads off
Bound to horses
Now they lay quartered in their blood

I am a murderer - I kill and devastate
Torture to mutilate - seeing my victims flayed
Revenge to claim all that is mine
I slay in fury, no one survives

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