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Fistfull Of Vixen

This song is by Houwitser and appears on the album Death But Not Buried (1999).

My world turned upside down -living in a void -No one knows to where -
You left -I'm feeling uncontrolled -In my mind I see your smile -pale white -
Skin and big blue eyes -may this thought never fade away -I hope to have
Them everyday -Crazy from your screams -insults and harresments -How I
Hated those fights -I thought of your eyes full of fear -as your pale skin
Turned blue -Covered with blood you never looked so fine -with love I sliced
You up -the dog enjoyed your grinded bones -for my self I eat your flesh
Your flesh so sweat -lustful tender meat -with love I sliced you up -
In ecstasy of these precious thoughts -

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