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Demolish The Deformed

This song is by Houwitser and appears on the album Bestial Atrocity (2010).

Welcome to my exhibition
The dead displayed as art
Bloodshed, a massacre
I'm creative with body-parts

The floor covered with leftovers that I dislike

Armed with saw and drill I mutilate and kill
Disfiguring innocents
Malicious I'm deforming them

Their limbs for my art as their souls get raped

This place is drenched with blood
Smell the stench of rotten flesh
Everything dies as I demolish the deformed

Torment, suffer, pain - departing them while they're alive

Unstoppable I hack and pulverize
Splitting up the legs from the arms
Buckets for organs that I collect
Why do you blame?
I'm not insane

Torment, suffer, pain - departing them when they're alive

Abandoned and left behind
Hopeless staring, endless pains
Stop screaming, pathetic cunts
You're unheard, no one will search

Carving marks in your heads
Breaking pieces skull aside
Your eyes pierced with broken glass
As you face mortality

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