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Bestial Atrocity

This song is by Houwitser and appears on the album Bestial Atrocity (2010).

Craving - for vile bloodshed
My human slaughterhouse
Meat-hooks and sharpened tools
To kill what I despise

I can't stop my anger
This beast crawls within
I kill and dismember
It's bestial atrocity

Decorating my chamber
Hanging pierced but alive
I can smell the bleeding when my tool comes inside

Dark red liquid drips from your body
The fury
Unstoppable I approach you with my knife
I keep on shredding while you're screaming
The anger
I'll cut out this monster inside

You will not die, before you're slashed and ripped
I came alive after I killed you
You are to blame, despicable bastard
Ripping it out, this internal terror

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