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Ain't Nothing Wrong

This song is by Houston and appears on the album It's Already Written (2004).

(Yeh..Yeh..Yeh..Gurl..I know you wanna)
(I know you do, wutchu gotta do..But its me baby..relax..cmon,yea)

Yur comin off innocent actin all nervous and
Gurl I can tell that you've been here before
By the way thatchu pop your hips
And the way that you bite your lips
Gurl you a trip (i know..)

[Chorus 1]
And I know thatchu love it when I'm creepin it
Feels like everywhere we doin it
Oo oO Ah Ah.. Damn..I like it
And it don't really matter where we doin it
Gurl don't front, just come with it
Oo Oo Ah Ah..Damn.. And gurl there ain't nothin wrong

{Chorus 2}
When we be freakin it..babe
Ain't nothin wrong
If you be into it..babe
Ain't nothin wrong
Scream if you gotta boo
Ain't nobody mad atchu..babe
Ain't nothin wrong..2x
Wen we be hittin it..babe
Ain't nothin wrong..
If you be diggin it babe (ain't nothin wrong)
Scream if you gotta boo ain't nobody mad atchu..babe
Ain't nothin wrong..2x

It's okay to be intimate (if u wanna experiment babe)
Gurl I'm down go where you wanna go (ooO)
The way we are tonight (you know were gonna 69)
On your mark, get ready, set, go

[Chorus 1]
{Chorus 2}

Ain't nothin wrong (with the way that u freakin me)
Ain't nothin wrong (with the way you wanna be)
Ain't nothin wrong (dont think about it babe)
Said there Ain't nothin wrong (there ain't, ain't nothin wrong)
Ain't nothin wrong (gurl puff it out..with the way we get it on)
Ain't nothin wrong (go ahead and tell your mom)
There ain't nothin wrong (nothing could fight me baby)
Said there ain't nothin wrong (Oh no, ain't nothin wrong)

[Chorus 1]