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One Big Cake (1988)Edit

House Of Large Sizes - One Big Cake
One Big Cake
  1. What If There's A Fire
  2. Walking Through The Park
  3. Cold-Train
  4. What Is Time
  5. Moof-Kash-Ka
  6. Robert
  7. Eisonhower
  8. T-Time In Memphis
  9. Pain Is Pain
  10. Flying
  11. Man Overboard!
  12. Everybody
  13. 40 Orange Cookies
  14. Little Collie

Heat Miser (1990)Edit

Heat Miser
Heat Miser
  1. Heat Miser
  2. The Works
  3. Lovely, But Deadly
  4. I Know What I Like
  5. Big Bag of Dope
  6. Oh Yeah (Yeah)
  7. A Tower Bends
  8. The Other Part
  9. Death Buggy
  10. I'm Coming Undone

Glass Cockpit (1997)Edit

House Of Large Sizes - Glass Cockpit
Glass Cockpit
  1. Cranko-American
  2. Carpool Lung
  3. Octopuses
  4. School Is A Drag
  5. Two-Tone Moon
  6. Pincher (Pincher) Martin
  7. Lazy
  8. Ball Dropper
  9. Albion Cut-Off
  10. Pig No Swig
  11. They Made Me A Criminal
  12. Fingernail
  13. Green Is The Ground (ETS)
  14. I'll Find It
  15. Homemade Zodiac

Little HOLS on the Prairie (1997)Edit

Little HOLS on the Prairie
Little HOLS on the Prairie
  1. They Say
  2. 1-1/2 On a Hill
  3. Egg
  4. Rid Myself
  5. I Know What I Like
  6. Hey! Party
  7. I'm Hungry
  8. Channel Zero
  9. Flying
  10. Two-Liter Man
  11. I'm My Own Grandpa (Pt 2)
  12. Bankrupt in Hoven
  13. Blü Marker
  14. Half-Breed
  15. Hey New York!
  16. My Ass Kicking Life
  17. Not So Long Ago
  18. The Blow-Bye
  19. North Cedar (Acoustic)
  20. Sans Sousi

Other SongsEdit

  1. Sox On Spot

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