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Journey into Space

This song is by House of Heroes and appears on the album The End Is Not the End (2008) by House Of Heroes.

Baby, Baby, You cannot protect me,
But I've heard of one who can.
And he does not take sides tonight and...
Baby, Baby, if this is the ending,
Then we'll find out how it ends...
We'll find where we begin again.

I can't tell you it will be all right.
Hold me through the shelling of the night.

Let them come for us.
Let them have their way with our names they drag through the mud.
Should they murder us,
We will live again in the clouds that cover the sun.

Baby, baby, if there is eternity,
Then it must be made of love.
How else could I hope in all this death?
And baby, baby, tonight I have no enemy,
I have held my fellow man,
Looked into his dying eyes.

And I just want to look into the light.
Hold me through the shelling of the night.

Whoa, I'm on your side.
Whoa, I'm on your side.


Written by:

House of Heroes

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