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Perfect Day

This song is by Houk.

sun's up its a little after 12
make breakfast for myself
leave the work for someone else

people say...they say thats its just a fase
they tell me to act my age......
well i am!


on this perfect day
nothings standing in my way
on this perfect day
where nothing can go wrong
its a perfect day
tomorrow's gonna come to soon
i could stay forever as i am
on this PERFECT DAY!

sun's down
a little after 10
i pick up all my friends
in my mercedes benz

wake up
don't tell me it's just a dream
cuz when i've had anough
u'll hear me scream
don't you try to rain on my perfect day.


i'm in the race but i already won
and getting there can can be half the fun
so don't stop me till i'm good and done
don't u try to rain on my

perfect day
perfect day
its a perfect day..............



on this perfect day!

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