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​Soft Brown Eyes

This song is by Hot Water Music and appears on the EP Pure (EP) (1998).

The bleeding doesn't stop,
What can I do?
"Hold me", she says, 'cause it's all right.
"What can I do?"
"Nothing", she says, 'cause it's all right
'Cause it's all right

Soft brown eyes-tell me
She's all right.
Don't ya know, Don't ya know,
She's all right.

Eaten up from the inside
I know
Oh-Oh, with a smile
I can see through
Without being told
I'm eaten up from the inside
I know, I know

Soft brown hair,
Skin dipped in gold,
I touch her lips with her hands
I can hold
With eyes of passion,
A silken embrace
I smell the flowers
In the rain, in the rain.