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This song is by Hot Water Music and appears on the compilation album Finding the Rhythms (1995).

i felt laughter
i felt the circle was intact
can't explain but i'll show it
so you can have it and keep it for yourself
can't define the power redefinitions
of dreams that will come true
can't explain but i'll show it
so you will have it the next time we meet
we come together we throw our worlds aside
for that can't explain
i'll show itso you can see us and feel us give our hearts
i shake so badly feel an itch grinding up and down my spine
can't explain but i'll show you
so you can have it the next time we meet
purpose shines body's numb
this is what we are
this is what we live
this is how we take
this is how we give
(cause that's my friends)
this is my present to you

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