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This song is by Hot Water Music and appears on the album Forever and Counting (1997).

go your own way rid lies
burn the stitches that held your eyes shut
vacate and wonder
rid time take off reminders and strive to shine
you said you've got it and i believe that you've got it
and that you'll survive
our hearts have exchanged the gifts
that carry us over the walls that blind us
the walls that bind us
the walls that stand too tall to conquer alone
bring back your wisdom to trade
bring back the words you've saved
teach me so that i may teach on
we reach
we learn
we don't we burn on the inside as well as the out
we search to solve how to not dissolve on the inside
as well as the out so you're at war with yourself
with space and time you'll find a breakthrough
if you don't lose what's real
you have our blessing clear your conscience and ride away

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