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Liquid America

This song is by Hot Water Music and appears on the compilation album Finding the Rhythms (1995).

i got a letter i forgot to read
(i lost mine)
driving time and broken lines forget it
(you held on)
it's not so happy when things don't change
(you show light)
it's not so easy to get along when everyone's afraid
(could you show me right)
when my head is all broken down
you'll thrust upon and rush it down on me
think and read seems the same thing every time forget it
(still i lost mine)
can't find a steady line anytime forget it
(but i held tight)
it's all the cowards on the streets
(do you feel right)
they always got their lies and hide their eyes from me
(could you show me right)
when you lie alone you'll lie naked
if i don't love would you deny
if i don't cry don't waste my time
and i'll rely on my true side
keep on trying keep my pride
(waste my time again)

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