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Hit And Miss

This song is by Hot Water Music and appears on the album No Division (1999).

...And the old days how did anyone make it through them
That way we fought it all all the problems that we saw
But we couldn't see straight...
And for all the nights I missed
Because the whiskey stole them away we'd still wake up
We'd still step up and defend what we could
With clouded heads we'd turn around to knock each other down
To help each other up eyes half shut without-stretched arms...
We had times where we sure lived like we could never die
We stood strong against those that would knock us out
But we've all been down...
And for all the friends I miss that aren't with me here today
We still wake up after we dream of the days and the nights
We found ourselves wrecked...
We still wake up after we dream of the day
We find ourselves free although blind at times
We see never forgot to mention
Intent dissension will to be free
We'll never be pulled down
We won't be pulled down

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