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Funky Number 7

This song is by Hot Tuna and appears on the album America's Choice (1975) and on the live album Double Dose (1978).

Walking, talking, breathing, trying to smile yourself to death
With your finger on the pulse of time there ain't no time to rest
It's a simple proposal to keep you walking the line
Just trying to get back for what you borrowed in time
The moral of the story's for a limited crew
But we're gonna be there in the chosen few

But meanwhile tomorrow, I'll try to find me a scene
There's got to be an easy way to turn my money green
With such a promising future there ain't no way to go wrong
But the line that I walk just keeps taking too long
There'll be a rainbow on morning of the following day
But how we're gonna find it I just can't say at all

If I live tomorrow like I'm living today
There ain't no way to borrow, look for me to stay...

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