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Jeb Bush

This song is by Hot Dad and appears on the album Are President (2015).

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Jeb is back on Earth
From his alien world
So eager just to prove
He's a regular man

Jeb for president
I know he's just what we need
He owns an Apple Watch
And a MacBook Pro

Jeb 4 Prez
Jeb's gonna win

When Jeb is faltering
When Jeb feels down
He uses Apple products like iPhone, MacBook Pro, or Apple Watch
To turn his life around

Jeb 4 Prez
Jeb's gonna win
Macbook Pro
Jeb's gonna win

Jeb, Jeb, c'mon, Jeb
C'mon, Jeb, Jeb

Macbook Pro, baby
Uber's no big deal
Apple Watch

MacBook Pro, baby
Apple Watch

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