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Pick Up Pick Up

This song is by Hot Chip and appears on the EP All Filler, No Killer! (2005).

Never been much impressed by fireworks, never been much
Never been one for giant thought, never been much
Always been one who loves Leadbelly and such
Always been one, body rugs up to the touch

Wash out, wash out, wearin' the towel
Gettin' stinky, gettin' clean
Gettin' all rolled up in green
Rush up, rushed up, ???
Cufflinks installed in the calves
Three suits and silks and scarves
Pick up, pick up

I don't know what's on your mind
Certain thoughts are hard to find
I don't know what's in your thought
There's something I'm about to sign that says--
Let me take you to discover there's something under this color
A picture of a lover
Another thing I forgot to say
Well there's so many I just lose my way
Another thing I forgot to be
The keeper of a key to a home that houses three
Another place I forgot to go
There's always--there's never--there's always a way home


Written by:

Joe Goddard and Alexis Taylor

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