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​African Jesus

This song is by Hot Boi 666.

I saw an African Jesus one day
I said to myself he must be gay
But it turns out the nigga was straight
And it turns he wanted play
I told him, you a crack addict bastard nig
He said fuck you, he said fuck you
I said to that bitch, you better...

Watch your fucking mouth
Watch your fucking mouth
You ain't nothing but a black bastard
Shut your ass up, before I cause a hazzard
This is a disaster, you don't flatter
What's the matter, Marshall Mathers

I'm not a racist man, but sometimes I am
Because blacks are not worthy, of living in this earth
I believe in Black Jesus, the blackness, my god
Oh my God, Oh my God, OH MY GOD
When the nigga said stop calling me God
I replied to him Oh my God
Black Jesus...

I don't really care, about anything
All I wanna do, is believe
There's a Black Jesus, an African Jesus
There's a Mexican Jesus, and a Chinese Jesus
And a Arabic Jesus, and a white Jesus
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god
If there's a Jesus, then oh my god

Hot Boi 666 is my god fucking damn name