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This song is by Hosh.

Laying awake tonight
With silence next to me
A matches glowing light
Throwing a shadow I see
Less than a second a noise
And I know she's here
I know I'll let her in
'Cause Marie said so...

She's coming back
She is the one I can't forget
I can't deny
And even though it hurts inside

This time I'll tell her to go
Oh no, I wouldn't dare
It's hard to be alone
But even harder with her
I'm feeling torn between
Waiting behind the door
I know I let her in
'Cause Marie said so...


A whisper touches my ear
I feel my mouth is dry
The answer in my head
Turns now into a lie
So it's all clear in my mind
And like the night before
I know I let her in
'Cause Marie said so...


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