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Aim for Tomorrow (2005)Edit

Hopes Die Last - Aim for Tomorrow

Aim for Tomorrow

  1. What I Feel
  2. Spark Of Life
  3. In Our Eyes
  4. We Still Run
  5. I Know That She'll Come Back
  6. Waiting

Your Face Down Now (2007)Edit

Hopes Die Last - Your Face Down Now

Your Face Down Now

  1. EIWFU
  2. Thanks For Coming (I Like You Dead)
  3. Lastnight's Goodbye
  4. Call Me Sick Boy
  5. I Belong To The Skies
  6. Tempus Vincit Omnia

Six Years Home (2009)Edit

Hopes Die Last - Six Years Home

Six Years Home

  1. Some Like It Cold
  2. Ever The Same, And Always Will Be
  3. Call Me Sick Boy
  4. An Endless Serenade
  5. Under This Red Sky
  6. Good Mourning, Honey
  7. Consider Me Alive
  8. Stuck Inside My Head
  9. Johnny's Light Sucks
  10. Six Years Home

Trust No One (2012)Edit

Hopes Die Last - Trust No One

Trust No One

  1. Never Trust The Hazel Eyed
  2. Sidney Shown
  3. Unleash Hell
  4. Life After Me Life After You
  5. The Blue
  6. Bill's Got Only A Pair Of Queens
  7. This Song Plays Suicide
  8. Air Raid Siren
  9. Firework (cover of "Firework" by Katy Perry)
  10. Icarus (Halfway Across The Sky)
  11. The Same Old Fears
  12. Keep Your Hands Off (featuring Nekso)
  13. Scared by the Mirror (Japanese bonus track)

Wolfpack (2013)Edit

Hopes Die Last - Wolfpack


  1. Dead Heart Beats
  2. Hellbound
  3. The Wolfpack
  4. Blackhearted
  5. Promises (cover of "Promises" by Nero)
  6. Cheaters Must Die
  7. Here Comes Nero


Additional information

Band members:

  • Marco - guitar
  • Becko - clean vocals, bass
  • Ivan - drums
  • Daniele - screaming vocals
  • Luigi - guitar

Former members:

  • Jacopo - guitar
  • Nick - vocals

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