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​The Art Of Daydreaming

This song is by Hope For Nothing.

I can't pay attention to this shit because,
It doesn't mean anything to me.
Why can't I do what I want,
And you not tell me what to be.

It's hard when it feels you live your life,
Waking up and going to work or school.
Where's the fun in that because for me,
There's no fun in that at all.

I want to be,
Away from here.
Take me away,
I hate it here.

I waste my days,
By daydreaming.
Don't wake me while,
I'm sleeping.

It's supposed to be the best years, but,
It's not easy with this responsibility.
Tired of hearing what you say,
You were here once so don't say anything.

I'll fall asleep if I stay here anymore,
Maybe that's better than here anyway.
Because I've mastered the art of daydreaming,
It gets me away from this stress everyday.