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Time Will Tell

This song is by Hope For Agoldensummer.

Even old men can see

When they fall in love with me

Memory and history

They will not suffice

And the young men they do dance

Courting in their smarty pants

They barely got a chance

Relying on the old men's advice

Oh, time will tell

If a man can love a woman's mind

And still be satisfied

And woman who outwits her man

Can she be satisfied?

Oh, time will tell (will tell)

Oh, time will tell

If a man can be satisfied with woman apt to rage

Remind him of his every fault while perfect she remains

And woman can be satisfied with man who does not change

Devoted, but oblivious, he cannot mend his ways

(His ways, his ways, his ways)

These are all old questions

And I am a young romancer

Trouble not to analyze

As yet there is no answer.

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