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This song is by Hope For Agoldensummer and appears on the album I Bought A Heart Made Of Art In The Deep, Deep South (2004).

Gentle women

Don't you know God is a man

Gentle men

Don't you know God is a woman

And like any good poet, God lets the song write itself

God sits back, gentle people

Whoa, we must rely on ourselves

My grandfather has his mind clenched shut like a fist

But my fair sister has a brain open wide and one day she said this

Gentle people, even God knows some great books of lies

She opened her eyes

And she saw angels or aliens

When great cities fall from the sky

What if for eighteen years I had raised

My fair sister to lay amazed

I baptized that girl in cherry Kool-Aid

She grew up thinking God was a Dixie cup

Drinking was praying

And pirates were Satan

And children grew up drinking God from a Dixie cup

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