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Love Like A Chainsaw

This song is by Hope For Agoldensummer and appears on the album I Bought A Heart Made Of Art In The Deep, Deep South (2004).

Every night in the woods, there sits a lonesome fighter

And he screams my name like thunder

And the sound peels out

And creeps through the trees

And this man found his way to my eight-and-nine fort

And he covered the seats in sweat and discord

I began to drive for I-85

I couldn't do nothing but sing my life is a boxing ring

And in the one corner is a man and a woman

With their hands on my arms, and their hands on my shoulders

And they're holding me back

And in the other corner, ladies and gentlemen, there's a man and a woman

Shouting girl, bring it on

Girl, play that song

So I sang them the one about the time that I

Held my hands tight around the neck of a lover

Who loves likes a chainsaw

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